Vincent's Statement Regarding Adaptation of Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures

Vincent Lam,
November 13, 2006


'm very happy that my book will be the foundation for a TV series.

A book is an incredibly personal thing. In addition to the story it tells, it is really the chronicle of the writer's relationship with those very words and precise phrases which are on the page.

Once a book enters the world of drama and television, other creative forces come to play. Wonderful things can happen to a story as it appears on screen, and I have every confidence that Shaftesbury will do a superb job.

In the leap to screen, some things will probably happen that will be surprises to me, and so they should. This is part of what happens to stories. Stories in the oral tradition acquire new inflection and new meaning from teller to teller. Our great legends and myths are all the re-telling and re-formatting of some old set of stories. In books, the very same words on a page enter each person's mind differently.

I look forward to seeing how it is that my book receives the translation which is the result of what, I'm sure, will be a stunning on-screen treatment.

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